Updated as of 16th April 2010 - The schedule below has been updated to reflect some changes to the Judges section.

Download Full Schedule

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This file contains the full schedule and the entry form ready for you to print once you have downloaded it. It is in PDF format.

Please consider copying your entry prior to posting it.




Download Forms Only

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This file contains just the entry and other forms. You can download then complete them by typing in your details in Microsoft Word.

You will still need to print, sign and post it as we are not able to accept email entries.




Post Forms To

Show Coordinator – Shirley Sargent
Feline Control Council (Victoria) Inc
C/- P O Box 347
MACEDON, Victoria 3440

Make Cheques Payable To

FCCV\CCCA National Show Account

General Queries

Show Manager – Shirley Sargent
Phone: (03)5426 1758