The World Cat Congress

About the WCC

The World Cat Congress was established to promote better understanding and co-operation among the world's major cat associations in matters of mutual interest and concern such as cat legislation and feline welfare which affects all cat lovers, from the pedigree breeder to the pet owner.

The WCC Annual Meeting

Since the first meeting in 1994, the World Cat Congress Annual Meeting has become a regular event (with the exception of 2003). The meeting is hosted by one of the Member organisations and scheduled to coincide with a cat show at the meeting site.

Traditionally the weekend consists of a seminar which includes an open meeting where the public have an opportunity to raise specific points of concern for discussion with the visiting delegates, a cat show and a business meeting of the delegates. Wherever possible the visiting delegates have been invited to judge at the cat show.

WCC Seminar & Open Meeting

The WCC Seminar & Open Meetings are not to be missed. They are very informative with a wide range of information presented by some of the worlds leading experts in cat health, care and breeding. Subjects are varied and range from breed presentations through to health topics, genetics and nutrition.

Some of the topics and discussions in previous years have included ..

  • 2000 Vienna, Austria - Junior showmanship, neutering at 6-8 weeks, open versus closed shows, Norwegian Forest Cats, differences in the age that a cat was regarded as an adult and a presentation from Datamars on the electronic identification of cats.
  • 2001 Sydney, Australia - Singapuras, Bengals, Manx and Cymrics, the colours caramel, apricot and golden in the Siamese and Orientals,  Birmans, Siberians and Don Sphynx, Burmilla and the Tiffany, Norwegian Forest Cat, a presentation by Novartis on the Datamars microchips and scanners, PROGRAM flea control, Clomipramine for cats which have behavioural problems and CATLAX for constipation problems plus Benazepril for cat kidney and heart conditions.
  • 2002 Moscow, Russia - A breeds seminar for over 200 people which was well covered by the media with most of the delegates were interviewed for television.
  • 2004 Houston, Texas - A breed seminar, Savannahs and Chausie plus the proposed Toyger,  Burmilla and European Burmese, Sphynx, Australian Mist and the Peterbald, a presentation on food research by Royal Canin and questions regarding the position of the Scottish Fold
  •  2005 Christchurch, New Zealand - Coat colour acquisition and nutritional influence, artificial insemination in cats, characteristics of a Bengal's coat pattern, Maine Coons, disaster relief, Norwegian Forest Cat, public relations in the cat fancy, the Mandalay, and the trade in cats and dogs for fur and meat in Asia
  • 2006 Hatfied, United Kingdom - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy,  DNA tests,  Feline Herpes virus infection, feline reproduction and the new reproduction treatments including artificial insemination, Sphynx, determination of colour in different varieties, the dilute modifier colours, the presentation of Royal Canin’s new book “A Practical Guide to Cat Breeding.”
  • 2007 Dortmund, Germany - Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, the Ural Rex, food allergy in cats, all-white Turkish Vans, Trombicula, Notoedres and Fleas, parasites and how to eliminate them, Feline Pediatrics and blood type incompatibility
  • 2008 Houston, Texas - A presentation on ‘CatGENES DNA Program’, a review of different litters appropriate to different ages of cats, Maintaining Peace & Sanity in a Multicat Home, American Bobtails, nutrition and cat food ingredients
  • 2009 Arnhem, The Netherlands - European rules and legislation concerning cats and their breeders, genetic diversity, screening tests for genetic disease, different types of disease affecting the cat, the tabby cat, current issues in the feline world

The WCC Delegates Business Meeting

The business meeting is a meeting of the WCC delagates who have been sent as representatives of the WCC member bodies.   The meeting deals with issues relating to the actual affairs of the WCC such as constitutional matters, finances and office bearers. It is also a formal meeting for the discussion of matters that may have been raised at the WCC Seminar. Delegates present reports from their respective associations and common issues are discussed. Full meeting minutes are made available after the business meeting and available from the library section of the WCC website.

2010 WCC Weekend

Stay tuned for more information regarding the WCC weekend activities.

Breeders Best Cat

A presentation of Breeders Best cat is to be made to the International delegates, and members of the Cat Fancy from all over Australia as part of the seminar program on Friday 30th April 2010. All attendees will be provided with a copy of the accompanying booklet to take home with them, so this is your opportunity to speak directly to this audience, to have your face, your cats and your information carried to far flung corners of the world.

Photos courtesy of the WCC and Lesley Morgan Blythe.